Facebook and Instagram marketing trends you should know in 2021

January 02, 2021, 8 Mins Read.

Digital Marketing has been the greatest weapon for the brands and businesses as this gives them a lot more audience, online presence and they can be looked over and over again by the audience which makes customers get familiar with your launches and other services.

Research shows that, when people are not with their smartphones, they become insecure, feel terrible and their heart rate shoots up. One of the reasons behind this is their connectivity on Social Media. We all are addicted to social media this is the reason why we just keep scrolling our social media feeds. Facebook and Instagram are the Big Bulls of this industry.

With over 1.7 billion people on Facebook and 900 million on the Instagram it becomes the paradise for the companies and businesses to trigger the audience. This is why Facebook and Instagram Marketing is going very popular. This allows the businesses to have a great relationship with consumers and reaching to them builds up trust.

So, here are some of the latest Facebook and Instagram marketing trends you can use for your business.

Short form videos

Do you know humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Yes, and this is the fact on which social media works. You can apply this for your business too just by creating those short videos for your brand and products you can grab the audience and this is the reason why you see brands are showing more and more video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Understand people’s Interest

Social media is all about the masses and masses are driven with emotions, so if you can understand the people’s emotion and take a stand in favour of them you can win their hearts right away for example: people were scared of COVID19 and brands were all over the media advertising their products and how they can save your life from COVID19 or showing support for making the world a better place to live, you can also raise your voice if you see something is not going right in the system. People will love that.

Go live!

People love this when they see that red button that says Live they feel connected and like being with you. This trend is going very popular and many brands like Apple, Micromax, etc. launched their products live on Youtube, This is something that you can do on Instagram and Facebook.

Drive your Sales up

This is a very popular trend going on, It is about showing your audience ads and persuading them to buy the product from instagram shop, your website or any other shortlink which is basically an e-commerce idea applied on social media. Which is very powerful as platforms like Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing gives you more audience for growth.

Market Personalization

People love this when they see what they want to see or what they need. Here’s when it becomes interesting algorithms are going better and better day by day and this is why we search something on google and we see that again and again on some other apps this is a really great feature the social media gives us too, now brands have collected enough data and demographics so that they can target a specific group of audience and they can sell it to them.

Augmented Reality

It seems funny and very entertaining when somebody uses those filters in videos and selfies but do you know this technology has the power to change the markets like never before. Now brands are using augmented reality to show demos of their products. You can also apply it to your social media marketing strategy.


People believe in what they see from their eyes, with this idea the testimonial based marketing is going through the roof. Where users of the brands come and share their experience with the product and how their lives changed. This user based content builds a forceful trust within your consumer and they also go ahead to just give your product a try.

Slide Shows

Have you seen those freely easygoing slideshow templates and how beautiful they look? This is how nowadays big brands like samsung, apple etc. launch their teaser for their next product. this makes your customer go ahead and read on your product, customers get pumped with the excitement and they wait for your product too.

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